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Thursday, August 6, 2020

How to Make the Best of Beauty Rest

Let me be honest with you I used to be a terrible sleeper and all my friends and family say so. But I have gotten way better because I know but I need to sleep well. 

What I mean Buy a bad sleeper is that I used to talk in my sleep, punch/ kick/ and drool all over the place, get up a lot to use the bathroom, and etc.  Now I have figured out how to sleep and wake up elegantly.

But before I share my tips with you I wanted to scream that these are our tips that I have picked up along my life from different sources like Sleep, YouTube, and family. 


First things first to having a good night's sleep is to set up your room the way you like it.

  •   Also, make sure your room isn’t cluttered because you will feel stuffed and mess with your energy.

Second, is the positioning of your bed. Do you have good feng shui

Third, you must have comfortable pillows and a mattress. For example, I like my mattress and pillows to be firm so it's made out of the bamboo material.

  • I suggest sleeping with silk or satin sheets, pillows, and pajamas because it is great for your skin.

Fourth, you should Place objects that inspire you around your bed;  like me, I have pictures of my idols, quotes, and my vision board near me. 

Next, you should have blackout curtains and sleep with all your lights off, because I believe that your body pulls energy from that, especially electric energy that is around your head. 

Above are my tips on achieving a good bedroom structure for you to go to sleep. But I will be listing tips for you to act on as you are going to bed. 


  1. Place your phone away from your bed ( so it is out of reach) + put it on silent if needed

  2. Set out all your things for the next day

  3. Clean yourself up for bed: By doing your skincare and hair care routine

  4. Go read or meditate to focus your eyes and mind [By now it should have been more than 30 minutes since you've looked at your phone]

  5. If you need help dozing off turn on white noise or nature sounds to help you sleep 


Enjoy these tips, I definitely will, because good sleep will set you up for a good day. As I want to be successful moving forward in life, a number one tip from other successful people is getting good sleep; So, I must take care of my body and health, and sleep is an important part of that.  


Natalia O.

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