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Thursday, September 24, 2020

How to Earn Respect in School



 If anyone has told you that you are simply going to school to learn then they obviously didn't attend school the right. As a young adult I believe that school establishes everyone with three careers: academic career, social career, and a hobby career; for some certain careers won’t be existent but it will try to stimulate a balance between them for others. Maybe because I attend private school that I have found that school is critical for character development.


Though I cannot speak for everyone, I do know that one thing that is essential to your academic and social career is to be respected, which will carry on into the rest of your life. It shouldn't matter who you are or where you fit in, you should be accepted and respected for yourself. But just like getting good grades in order to be respected you need to earn it.

Here are my tips to be a respected student in school:

  • Dress on point or to your aesthetic:  where what makes you feel good or at least represent yourself to the best of your ability, always be your authentic self.

  • Cherish your Essentials:  whether it's having bubblegum, Takis, bubble tea, chapstick, highlighters, etc. You should often have what makes you happy in hand.

  • Advocacy: speak up for yourself and others when necessary.

  •  Join clubs, teams, or groups:  be active in the community, especially within the classroom.

  • Good conversation:  listen actively to everyone

  • In return: show kindness, respect, and helpfulness two others that you meet

  • Be Mature: no one wants to be around someone who can't be reliable when needed

  • Be a Leader: show off your leadership skills, take charge of important matters; with respect comes great responsibility.

  • Open minded: be open to new ideas and accept criticism

  • Truth: you should always tell the truth, even when it can look bad on your image, do right by yourself and others.

  • Be Yourself: show your talents and humor, do not hide away or elevate yourself to a bar that you yourself can not achieve, relax and know your worth.

It's natural in school to get caught up and what's going on or playing a part that you think that other people like you as; that you forget yourself and aren't treated well. Hopefully quarantine has given you the refresh for when schools open back up, to take the opportunity to be opened to new possibilities for yourself.

Best of Luck,

Natalia O.

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