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Monday, May 25, 2020

Corona Etiquette

Corona Etiquette

[ # Don’t be stressed, thank God you're blessed! ]

    Right now the world seems to have to reenact an apocalyptic movie with the pandemic of COVID-19. This moment in time will be written in future generations history books. Nonetheless, people shouldn’t make the situation worse than it already is by being discriminatory or reckless in behavior. Though people are dying from the Corona virus, chivalry is not dead. 

It seems like the best resort of action is to be barbaric, in ‘it’s all for one ’ type of attitude when there can be Corona in the atmosphere. People’s cause for concern should be safety, not hatred. When everything starts going to shit, I figure that it's always best to start at the beginning. 

 …….When I mean the beginning, I mean what the C.D.C, the Red Cross, public health statements, and physicians are saying about this pandemic and

how to keep safe. As this pandemic becomes our new normal you must become very aware

of your surroundings for your protection. So here is what you need to keep safe:

Personal Safety:

  • Hand Hygiene

You should always keep your hands clean, but now you must wash your hands

(with soap/bleach) or use hand sanitizer (if you can find any). To make sure

that your hands are spotless you should wash them for at least 20 seconds. 

  • Must wear gloves when outside

  • Don’t Touch your Face

If you are a teenager like me, then you should already know that touching your face

is bad. Germs can travel and they should be nowhere near your face. Any weakness

to your immune system will make you vulnerable to COVID-19.

  • Must wear a mask outside

  • Stay home if you feel any symptoms or illness 

You should be better safe than sorry; If you have any inkling of feeling sick stay home

& call your doctor's office for guidance.

Public Safety:

  • Avoid coughing and/or sneezing into your hand

Okay, this goes without saying because it's nasty and improper. If you do, then wash

your hands and get a tissue. But God bless you if you have the guts to sneeze or cough

in public because that is a baller move, nowadays. 

  • Alternatives to shaking hands 

Try doing the foot tap, a simple acknowledgment, or a bow should suffice.

  • Avoid close contact

You know the rules, at least 6 feet apart from another person. But in stores, people

tend to stay at most 1 foot apart. 

  • Disinfect surfaces

I just might be paranoid but if you find disinfect or Lysol use it, on your mail, any

door handles, and on your groceries. Disinfectant might not kill the corona virus

but it will keep you safe from other lurking viruses. 

  • Wear a mask and gloves

Well, the state I’m in is mandatory for people to wear gloves and masks to

establishments. The precaution is for yours and others protection, so don’t

act like a jerk about it, because recklessness isn't cute.

 I hope all the best to everyone and anyone who reads this post. And take in this momentous time in history you get to be a part of. Every day during this quarantine, whether you are staying home, doing online school, or going to work, you will make all the difference in how history will retell this period in history.


Sunday, May 24, 2020

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