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Monday, June 29, 2020

Beauty Tips: On being Maced or Tear Gased

Before I dive-into my beauty-tip for protesters I want to acknowledge the Black Lives Matter protest. I have linked my Activism page as a resource for what you can do to support this movement, from petitioning-to-resources. I haven’t stated much about the protest, because I share more information about the Black Experience and the movement on my Aesthetic Learner blog, so check that to divulge into the black experience.

Black Lives Matter Protesting

If you are considering to protest or educate yourself on the matters, thank you for joining the movement and being a part of the change. But sadly, the Black Lives Matter protests are engrossing violence. Police are causing tension and the news outlets are spinning the story of the protest into horrific events. 

 I see what is going on and that the peaceful protest has become such a powerful and insightful movement that is encouraging change worldwide. 

 To metaphorically summarize these protests, the media illustrates them like ‘smoke and mirrors.’ As much as the media is putting the current events of the protest in your face, there are still a lot of things that aren’t being seen, caught on camera, or even being spoken about. Ironically, you will have to take the initiative of educating yourself and keeping your eyes open to everything that is going on.

 Mace & Tear Gas 101

Mace was invented by Alan Lee Litman in the 1960s as an aerosol self-defense spray after he designed a way to package and commercialize phenacyl chloride(CN), otherwise known as tear gas. It was created and invented by Allan Lee Litman and his wife Doris Litman, regarding a colleague of Doris that was mugged, from that instance birthed the creation of the chemical mace. But though the original formula has been discontinued, it has been trademarked as mace and is still used as a deterrent and incapacitant in the defense against enemies. 


Names are known for Mace & Tear Gas

  • phenacyl chloride(CN)

  • Pepper spray

  • oleoresin capsicum (OC)

  • orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS)

  • Aerosol spray

 The effects that Tear Gas & Mace has on your body

In the situation of being Maced or Tear Gased

  1. Prepare

-sunglasses/eye covers


-don’t wear contact lenses!!

-don’t wear makeup!

  • Especially, on eyes and lips because it will cling to the teargas and irritate you

[Suggestion] bring with you a mixture for any mace or teargas encounter.

  • It is as simple as getting a water bottle and having 50% of it be Antacid and 50%water 

    • In selecting an Antacid, the ingredients should be magnesium hydroxide/aluminum hydroxide; And never include anything with alcohol or minty flavored.

  1. Do Not Rub

-do not touch any surfaces with teargas

-do not touch your own person with tear gas on it OR ELSE!

  1. Find Milk

[ #You Need Milk ]

-pour chilled milk onto face

-spray continuous over contacted area

  1. Get Home

-remove all clothes } I would suggest to bag them-up to throw away

-take at least a  20 minute cold shower!

  1. Soak Face

-get a large bowl or bucket


  1. Fill mostly with water 

  2. Pour eight droplets of dish soap (suggestion: Dawn) in and stir

-submerge face for at least 15 seconds


  Method to the Madness

    I know this can be a lot to take in but don't let this discourage you from going out to protest and doing what is right. There is power in numbers and the future of black people and America are counting on what you can do today. Though, I flooded you with information I just want you to be safe and be knowledgeable for if in the situation. 


Natalia O.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Starting off your Days in Quarantine


I’m living my best life right now, and of course, I am missing the past moments: like getting Cinnabon from the mall every time I achieved something, giggling with friends in their dorm rooms, and partying. All those moments I took for granted will surely be missed of course, but I truly like who I am becoming. 

Now, I am this independent young woman, who has started two blogs and is creating an empire. Compared to who I used to be, who needed a lot of assistance to help her get through day-to-day life.

As the world is figuring out what to do with itself in this pandemic. I am finding peace and creating a new path for myself.

For both past and present me, I must have some sort of plan or a path to follow, or else I will derail in a pit of anxiety and confusion.

I have picked a few things up that I will continue to incorporate into my daily routine. I call them Day Savers, but it's really like Day S.A.V.E.R.S  because the “ savers”  is an acronym. The S.A.V.E.R.S  stands for silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and space. Each task should take a minimum of 10 minutes, but you can spread them out throughout the day or switch up the task order. Savers is what truly kept my sanity and focus.

I enjoyed doing these because sometimes life has too many distractions that you can actually forget to take care of yourself. But if you just remember these tasks in the morning or throughout the day, you will be unconsciously loving and caring for yourself. So, take initiative and start your day putting yourself first. 


Natalia O.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Don't Shy Away from Free Money


I have always thought about my future and what I will do in college. But whatever options I choose I need the money to support me through my college career. If you are worried like me about funds and student debt then here's some resources that I am looking into to financially support me because finding a sugar daddy or becoming a stripper is not an option or a stable enough backup.

I have compiled a list of resources to find the scholarships you are looking for. Even if the scholarship is as low as $50 still apply because money adds up. Also, do your own research for companies and grant giveaways. 

Here are resources for scholarships:

These sites will connect you to great scholarship opportunities. But you should also follow these sites on Instagram because they will bring up other opportunities for scholarships. For example, I follow Scholarcash, Scholarship Junkies, and Get Schooled that notify me with new scholarship information. Seriously take your chance to apply, don't be lazy or scared. The worst that can happen is that you get denied and it's not as hard as you think.

[I will be posting tips on applying for scholarships to follow up with this post]


Natalia O.


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Books To Read While in Quarantine


Quarantine can be so boring but if you have run out of shows to watch,

places to hide, people to talk to, then turn to a good book. There is nothing

that a good book can't fix. Between you and me reading for fun is cliche and

ordinary, I read for adventure, love, and enlightenment. If you read as many

books as I have, then your mind becomes a library. So here are some books to

take you away from the comfort of your home. 

Quarantine Book List

  1. Narnia

This book is also known as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is the second book of the

chronicles. It’s a fantasy book but it does have ties of historical and biblical context. If you are as

desperate as the children in the book in seeking a means out of escaping your reality then a wardrobe

that teleports you to a magical kingdom that has long rooted evils and talking animals might be the

place for you.

                                     ~ C.S. Lewis

  1. The Golden Compass

This book is apart of a series[But I’ve only read the #1 book]. It is a fantasy tale that connects to the

ways of scholastic England and the Latin churches’ role of power overstate. The book takes Human

and pet relationships to the next level. In this world human souls exist outside their bodies in a “spirit

animal” form called daemons; Daemons can talk and change forms when you are a child, but puberty

makes them settle to a permanent form. The is a suppressive government will stop at nothing at

gaining control of their citizens' minds, body, and souls. If you are up for a grand imagination and

adventure of a pet being spiritually attached to you, then this book is for you.

 ~ Philip Pullman

  1. A Wrinkle in Time

|Between you and me I didn’t like this book, but I am still glad I read it for myself| 

It's a fantasy and science fiction book that is all about rooting for the underdog. A family that is

distraught because they can figure out any questions besides where their father is. As times got dark

for the family the children met unexpected guardians that figuratively and physically enlighten their

way to finding their father and their full potential. If you like the external battle between light and

darkness and the internal battle between good and evil then don’t waste another second, starting a


                 ~ Madeleine L’Engle

  1. A Brave New World

I can not call this book fictional because it might just be our future. Based in the UK, in a world

where technology and ‘happiness’ are the society's objective and as much as it seems like a Utopia

and liberation, it is the complete opposite. The government has too much control, but no one notices

they’re suppression because they are joyriding the pleasures of sex, drugs, and no pain. But is having

complete happiness worth it?

 ~ Aldous Huxley

  1. Lord of the Flies

Forget about the kiddy version of Peter Pan and the lost boys, because this book gets grim. These lost

boys were whisked to a deserted island by a crash-landing, leaving them stranded and in-charge of

themselves; You can imagine how much havoc is raised when boys are left in charge. In case you had

ever wondered what it would be like to be in charge of kids your age with no adult supervision, then

this book might sum-up the outcome. 

 ~ William Golding

  1. The Alchemist

Though this book is about another person it will end with you {if that makes sense? You will go

along this young man’s journey as a shepherd and experience pieces of his life. His life’s tribulations

and dialogue might seem completely irrelevant to you but in fact, it teaches you all great lessons of

life. If you are ready to become more mature and have wisdom beyond your years then this book is

for you.

 ~ Paulo Coelho

  1. The Secret Garden

When there are no more places to go then the garden becomes your new home. It’s a non-fiction

book but it is still whimsical. As an orphaned girl has to live with her uncle, she is forced to live in

solitude and she experiences the depths of greater loneliness then solely being an orphan. But she

seeks for a new connection though they are all behind locked doors and shut-lips. As depressing and

lonely as quarantine gets there are still relationships waiting to be made.

 ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett

  1. Oliver Twist

If you’ve ever been desperately hungry and would do anything for food, then the characters in this

book might resonate with you. Based in England, when practically everyone was struggling to make

ends-meet; There were no guarantees or consistency and in anything, so people turned to a life of

crime. In tough times as the food becomes scarce so does the trust and loyalty. 

 ~ Charles Dickens

  1. The Inferno of Dante

This book is the first epic poem of the Divine Comedy series; It illustrates descriptively what Hell

looks like, and this tale is the most popular and has been for centuries as churches still use it to

describe Hell. If you’ve ever thought to yourself that you were living in your Hell, then this book can

be your comparison. There you will journey into the crevices of Hell and meet the most interesting

souls and demons, are you ready to see what it looks like? 

 ~ Dante Alighieri

  1.  The Iliad + The Odyssey

If you are into greek mythology, insane adventure, love stories, and fighting then here are the books

for you. {I’ve read both, but you don’t have too. 

  1. In this book a father and king of the island have been missing for decades, his family and citizens are

still waiting for his return. But others think that it’s enough time for grieving and that they should carry
on with their lives. But the dad has been trying to make his way back to them for years, he has lost all
his closest friends on the journey; But met the most mystical creatures and craziest people. Is the
journey a punishment or reformation?
b. This book lets you be a part of the gods and goddesses' involvement in mortals' lives; The mortals think
it's destiny, but the god’s think it's a game. It is set during the Trojan War between two kingdoms that
can not get enough of feuding with each other. 

 ~ Homer

This book list is some of my favorite books because I’ve gotten to experience

all those character’s lives alongside them. For people that are tired of their

life stuck inside, then why not try someone else’s? I hope people enjoy them

as much as I did.


Natalia O.


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Summer Plans for a Rising Junior


Wow! I am already a junior, which is weird to talk about because I always imagined that

Juniors were adults and I can't picture myself as an adult. Nonetheless, I have worked hard to make it this far in my academic career and uphold my title as an honor student. Now that school is over, I expected that my Rising Junior Summer would be like the HBO show, Euphoria, excluding the sex and drugs, but be about partying and hanging out with my besties.

    This current pandemic interrupted my plans, but I am adaptable so now I am getting back

on track to my overall plan of going to college. I had spoken to a College advisor, my

teachers, and family members that work in higher education to configure my objective to get into a college of my choice. I would recommend to anyone who is a high school student reading to contact people who can help advise, support, and research for you in the process of preparing you for as much as possible. But with this pandemic and unrest, there are positive and negative factors that can affect your education so you should constantly monitor your schools’ and college's statements on the matter.

This is what I am planning on doing this summer:

  •  Growing my vocabulary

I want to sound smarter and have large vocabulary as my tool to help me

in conversation, networking, interviews, and in my writing. Plus, it is

helpful when taking the SAT or ACT. 

  •  Read books  

Not just any books, books that will most likely be taught in English class

or a recommended read for enlightenment from the Library of Congress.

  •  Get ahead of classes by studying the basics

I know that next year will be my most hectic year yet, with balancing

friends, college applications, and leadership positions so I might as well

get a head start.

  • Continue practicing my languages

Let me tell you speaking chinese is fun but actually learning it can be a struggle.

  •  Reach out for internships and leadership positions

OK, well I already got the leadership positions I wanted, but they are just

a stepping-stone for my bigger plans. 

  • Update my Resume and Cover letter

Well a girl has gotta look well-rounded in an interview

  • Join Masterclass

I will never skip an opportunity to learn from the best.

  • Apply for scholarships

All this girl wants is funds

  • Make a college wish list

Making a list of favored colleges on (SCOIR)

  • Learn about college

Follow college media and tune-in on Q & A’s

I do not want to stress out about college preparation but I am trying to stay in control

as much as I can. I wish the best to everyone has and will have to go through this



Natalia O.


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Survival Guide: Protest


Survival Guide

I am so happy that the world is recognizing and sticking up for black people like myself. But it is also sad to see peaceful protests turn into riots,  but if that is what needs to happen to bring change then so be it. The protesters are there on a mission to achieve justice for all black lives, dead or alive. The cost for all the pain and hatred is like the chant says“ No Justice No Peace!”

 It is baffling that the police and National Guard are funded for gear, reinforcements, and weaponry for peaceful protest, while not too long ago America under-funded Health-Care facilities combatting COVID-19. Needless to say, we know what our country's priorities are. 

But at the end of the day no matter what side you're on, you want to make it back to your family. So, if you are considering protesting you need to prepare yourself for any encounters. 

Information stems from Chileans and Hong Kong

Protest Checklist:

  • Backpack 

  • To carry all your stuff

  • Vans / DocMartin

  • For any instances where you run for it

    • !!!Think of Skater Shoes!!!

    • Or Hightops for ankle support

  • Googles / (Sun)Glasses

  • Protect your eyes from tear gas

  • Bandana / Mask

  • COVID is still out there

    • Tip: soak in water or coca-cola to filter tear gas from getting in your lungs and nostrils ~Not perfect but works

  • Hoodie

  • Cover as much skin as possible

    • Tip: [1] Keep skin safe from teargas (that’s an irritant

    • Tip: [2] Keep face and tattoos hidden #No face No case

  • Water Bottle

  • Bring two (label one drinkable and one Aid)

    • Tip:[1] Aid Bottle= 3 tsp baking soda to 80oz water !!!Helps with teargas effects!!!

    • Tip:[2] In use pour starting at the inner corner and work your way out

  • Spray bottle

  • Put chilled milk in it for cases of teargas

    • Tip:spray over face to reduce teargas effects

  • Oven mitts

  • Use to throwback thermal teargas grenades

Please stay safe out there and I hope this list helps. Share or print out, because this can help many people prepare for their protest. But remember if you are protesting, do not incite violence. 

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