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Monday, June 29, 2020

Beauty Tips: On being Maced or Tear Gased

Before I dive-into my beauty-tip for protesters I want to acknowledge the Black Lives Matter protest. I have linked my Activism page as a resource for what you can do to support this movement, from petitioning-to-resources. I haven’t stated much about the protest, because I share more information about the Black Experience and the movement on my Aesthetic Learner blog, so check that to divulge into the black experience.

Black Lives Matter Protesting

If you are considering to protest or educate yourself on the matters, thank you for joining the movement and being a part of the change. But sadly, the Black Lives Matter protests are engrossing violence. Police are causing tension and the news outlets are spinning the story of the protest into horrific events. 

 I see what is going on and that the peaceful protest has become such a powerful and insightful movement that is encouraging change worldwide. 

 To metaphorically summarize these protests, the media illustrates them like ‘smoke and mirrors.’ As much as the media is putting the current events of the protest in your face, there are still a lot of things that aren’t being seen, caught on camera, or even being spoken about. Ironically, you will have to take the initiative of educating yourself and keeping your eyes open to everything that is going on.

 Mace & Tear Gas 101

Mace was invented by Alan Lee Litman in the 1960s as an aerosol self-defense spray after he designed a way to package and commercialize phenacyl chloride(CN), otherwise known as tear gas. It was created and invented by Allan Lee Litman and his wife Doris Litman, regarding a colleague of Doris that was mugged, from that instance birthed the creation of the chemical mace. But though the original formula has been discontinued, it has been trademarked as mace and is still used as a deterrent and incapacitant in the defense against enemies. 


Names are known for Mace & Tear Gas

  • phenacyl chloride(CN)

  • Pepper spray

  • oleoresin capsicum (OC)

  • orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS)

  • Aerosol spray

 The effects that Tear Gas & Mace has on your body

In the situation of being Maced or Tear Gased

  1. Prepare

-sunglasses/eye covers


-don’t wear contact lenses!!

-don’t wear makeup!

  • Especially, on eyes and lips because it will cling to the teargas and irritate you

[Suggestion] bring with you a mixture for any mace or teargas encounter.

  • It is as simple as getting a water bottle and having 50% of it be Antacid and 50%water 

    • In selecting an Antacid, the ingredients should be magnesium hydroxide/aluminum hydroxide; And never include anything with alcohol or minty flavored.

  1. Do Not Rub

-do not touch any surfaces with teargas

-do not touch your own person with tear gas on it OR ELSE!

  1. Find Milk

[ #You Need Milk ]

-pour chilled milk onto face

-spray continuous over contacted area

  1. Get Home

-remove all clothes } I would suggest to bag them-up to throw away

-take at least a  20 minute cold shower!

  1. Soak Face

-get a large bowl or bucket


  1. Fill mostly with water 

  2. Pour eight droplets of dish soap (suggestion: Dawn) in and stir

-submerge face for at least 15 seconds


  Method to the Madness

    I know this can be a lot to take in but don't let this discourage you from going out to protest and doing what is right. There is power in numbers and the future of black people and America are counting on what you can do today. Though, I flooded you with information I just want you to be safe and be knowledgeable for if in the situation. 


Natalia O.

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