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Thursday, September 24, 2020

How to Earn Respect in School



 If anyone has told you that you are simply going to school to learn then they obviously didn't attend school the right. As a young adult I believe that school establishes everyone with three careers: academic career, social career, and a hobby career; for some certain careers won’t be existent but it will try to stimulate a balance between them for others. Maybe because I attend private school that I have found that school is critical for character development.


Though I cannot speak for everyone, I do know that one thing that is essential to your academic and social career is to be respected, which will carry on into the rest of your life. It shouldn't matter who you are or where you fit in, you should be accepted and respected for yourself. But just like getting good grades in order to be respected you need to earn it.

Here are my tips to be a respected student in school:

  • Dress on point or to your aesthetic:  where what makes you feel good or at least represent yourself to the best of your ability, always be your authentic self.

  • Cherish your Essentials:  whether it's having bubblegum, Takis, bubble tea, chapstick, highlighters, etc. You should often have what makes you happy in hand.

  • Advocacy: speak up for yourself and others when necessary.

  •  Join clubs, teams, or groups:  be active in the community, especially within the classroom.

  • Good conversation:  listen actively to everyone

  • In return: show kindness, respect, and helpfulness two others that you meet

  • Be Mature: no one wants to be around someone who can't be reliable when needed

  • Be a Leader: show off your leadership skills, take charge of important matters; with respect comes great responsibility.

  • Open minded: be open to new ideas and accept criticism

  • Truth: you should always tell the truth, even when it can look bad on your image, do right by yourself and others.

  • Be Yourself: show your talents and humor, do not hide away or elevate yourself to a bar that you yourself can not achieve, relax and know your worth.

It's natural in school to get caught up and what's going on or playing a part that you think that other people like you as; that you forget yourself and aren't treated well. Hopefully quarantine has given you the refresh for when schools open back up, to take the opportunity to be opened to new possibilities for yourself.

Best of Luck,

Natalia O.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Best way to Learn a Language


I have had the opportunity to study Spanish, Latin, French, and Mandarin. I know the basics of all those languages because I am good at picking up on information. I am currently studying Chinese because I don't want any disadvantages for communicating our connecting with others.

I am also a lifetime learner and I want to learn and understand anything and everything about life on this Earth. To understand people then it helps to know their culture. Cultures consist of art, history, and literature-language. 

Learning a language won't be easy because you must immerse yourself in all aspects of the language and become attuned to its sounds. Please take your time, your desire, and mind to commit yourself to become fluent in the language.

Also, checkout friends of mine, who created an amazing site to learn languages.

also want to include apps for  studying a language:

I wish you all the best and hope that you master your language of choice. It will be worth all your focus and time to learn a new language; You will see what new opportunities and communities that open up for you because of your dedication-I surely have.


Natalia O.


Friday, September 11, 2020

How to Thrift like a Pro


Thrift shopping is so much fun, it is like an ultimate treasure hunt. If you are luckily enough to be in the financial position to acquire hidden treasures then this is the blog post for you.

I love thrift shopping and upcycling clothes because of the crazy fashion fact that the fashion industry is one of the most landing pollution contributors. Especially, luxury brands and certain thrift shops will burn or throw away stuff at the end of every season instead of having a clearance; So, thrift-shopping isn't just trendy but environmentally friendly. Some of my most precise clothing was found at thrift shops and open markets.

If you are ready to join the thrifting community of other places (New York) or online then here is what you need to know:

Though thrift shopping can be size-selective as there are certain size privileges you can still always find something for any type of person. There is always a ton of cool stuff like once I found a pink houndstooth suit that made me look like I belonged in clueless or the time that I found a Gucci sunglasses case with a toilette for $3; I mean Hello Gucci!!! Again, thrift shopping is about getting stuff to get but a generous exchange, because my ideology is to prioritize and already know the type of pieces I am looking for and that whatever I buy won't end back-up at a thrift store, either becomes a handy-me down or upcycled...If you can’t find a suitable in-person or online thrift place then it's not you, it's the places.

For instance, I dearly shop at my local thrift shop, I hand it to the city to check out Beacon's Closet and others. I will leave a few online resources and Instagram accounts because style is not only original but collaborative.

Look your best,

Natalia O.


Monday, September 7, 2020

Rating Streaming Services

I am obsessed with visual arts. When I mean visual arts I mean graphic design, CGI, animation, digital illustration, dancing, theatre, and film productions. I am in awe of those types of arts, I even joined The Arts University of San Francisco for pre-college art courses. I can say that I have a creative eye for detail probably because my grandparents put me in front of a television; Though, there are a hundred things wrong with being in front of the TV for a child’s development I don’t watch TV as an unconscious habit.

All of our time is valuable so a show or movie is good. I will watch it several times because I hold on to greatness. There are a lot of trashy shows and movies that won’t make a difference in your life.

Once my family switched from cable to streaming, it exposed me to a whole world of glorious television. I no longer have to pick DVD's from the library, go on-demand, or wait till a certain time. I could watch what I wanted when I wanted.

  1. HBO Max

Everything on here is beautifully filmed and so enticing and there is more to come.

  1. Amazon Prime

If you are an inquisitive person and like dark twisted stuff like Parasite or Utopia.

  1. Hulu

It has everything from reality-based and is about to add more shows based on family and drama.

  1. Netflix

I just like it for its originals, but the US version sucks.

  1. DisneyPlus+

I grew up watching Disney and Marvel, I have watched their Disney Earth Day films.

  1. Peacock

Their originals blew me away, i.e. Brave New World, Noughts & Crosses, and Saved By the Bell

Streaming has changed my world and I wish I had the time to solely watch good things but I still have my reality to live. Visual pictures help me envision my work and my possibilities for the future. I might seem like a film critic but I have a lot of ideas on what I want to direct and see on TV.

Popcorn and Chill,

Natalia O.


Friday, September 4, 2020

How to Earn Respect IRL


As a child, you will be told what to do by adults and even back then my mind was set on bigger & brighter things. And before you think that this is a memoir about my childhood trauma, it's not. This blog post is about earning respect in real life because great things take time. To truly earn and have long-lasting respect it must come from within; Not what you, where you live, who you know, or how many followers you have.

My tips are versatile for boss babes, work, social settings, and leaders.

  1. Keep your crown up Princess: 

Imagine that the second you leave your house you have an imaginary crown on, it should never slip because your head will always be up; Your eyes and mind will be focused on moving forward. 

  1. Eyes on You:

Whether you walk into a meeting or a party you should walk in like you own the place; Meaning that you're confident and comfortable, which should calm down the tension and anxiety left in you and the room because the focus is on you. [Be like a lighthouse: a lighthouse is sturdy and reliable as it will always be there, it's bright as it guides ships - so do the same.]

  1. Question Everything:

You should speak up more, so people get to match your voice to your name. Also, become the one to speak up to ask a question or speak up to question authority, will people take notice. 

  1. Be Honest:

You should always be truthful, but I mean say what's on your mind and do so with good intentions. 

  1.  You don't need a Hand to Hold:

 You should believe in yourself, and others will too. When you walk into a room take it all in and not immediately run to someone that's familiar and become acquainted with others in the room. You should get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

  1.  Talk the Talk:

 Don't go around telling people your big plans, humble yourself, be the person that takes action, that you know you can be. Think of yourself as a resume, it's not about what you're going to do but what you have done. #MustHaveExperience

  1. Good Conversation:

If you can master the point of conversation then you can consider yourself respectable. When talking to someone it's more meaningful when you say give them your attention and make them feel heard. 

  1. Never Mistreat Kindness: 

 People can sniff out weakness and do not let your kindness be taken for granted. You should do things out of generosity and not because you don't know how to say “no!” (I love saying no to others because then I am saying yes to myself.)

Also, choose your friends wisely and uphold them to a standard that makes you a better person and good to be around. I know that this seems like a wikiHow type of post but I am tired of people being misguided to become popular, sexy, or rich when all they truly want is to be respected and in control. If we are going to dominate this world we will need all the assets we can get and respect is one of them.


 Natalia O. 

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