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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Best way to Learn a Language


I have had the opportunity to study Spanish, Latin, French, and Mandarin. I know the basics of all those languages because I am good at picking up on information. I am currently studying Chinese because I don't want any disadvantages for communicating our connecting with others.

I am also a lifetime learner and I want to learn and understand anything and everything about life on this Earth. To understand people then it helps to know their culture. Cultures consist of art, history, and literature-language. 

Learning a language won't be easy because you must immerse yourself in all aspects of the language and become attuned to its sounds. Please take your time, your desire, and mind to commit yourself to become fluent in the language.

Also, checkout friends of mine, who created an amazing site to learn languages.

also want to include apps for  studying a language:

I wish you all the best and hope that you master your language of choice. It will be worth all your focus and time to learn a new language; You will see what new opportunities and communities that open up for you because of your dedication-I surely have.


Natalia O.

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