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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Trendy Shopping NYC

Umm...Hello! New York City is where the trends begin. There are so many new and cool things that spring up to the world's trend radar from NYFW and the constant New York City hustle that brings these fashion concepts to life. Doesn't matter where you go in New York City you will be inspired and to dress your best you need to shop at the right places. 

Because everyone knows you go to Brooklyn to shop, Bronx to get your hair and nails done, Manhattan for the parties, Queens for the food,  and Staten Island for the experience... Well, that's how I think it goes 😉.

I have not shopped everywhere in NYC, yet, but I know the cool places to be. Sometimes they are pop-up shops, thrift stores, or small businesses, so, do not be quick to judge these up-and-coming spots. For now, I will be giving you 'mainstream' stores to influence your wardrobe and style.

Sunday Soho       Longchamp        Kith        Love Only        ALAND        LOEWE    H&M     Fivestory       Zara       Aritzia    Isalis    Daily Paper   The Shops NYC   Chelsea Market       BCBGMAXAZRIA        Century 21        Bloomingdales          Hudson Yards       Westfield World Trade Center        Levi        Primark

I am not into the name brand stores but from my massive vintage shopping blog post and this one truly covers all of the amazing places to shop in NYC. You would have to live and get around a lot to know these awesome places in NYC, so mine is just based on window-shopping. I rarely go to the city to shop rather have a great time with friends and family. I know this might sound crazy because I am a style blogger and CEO of a clothing brand but I actually dislike shopping, it takes up to much time I would rather see something and get it or shop online. Anyway, it is hard to find a brand with a good image and a societal impact. In New York there are thousands of stores to match your interest so why not explore the city while you enjoy the stores - I definitely do.

Till next time,
Natalia O.
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