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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Trendy Shopping NYC

Umm...Hello! New York City is where the trends begin. There are so many new and cool things that spring up to the world's trend radar from NYFW and the constant New York City hustle that brings these fashion concepts to life. Doesn't matter where you go in New York City you will be inspired and to dress your best you need to shop at the right places. 

Because everyone knows you go to Brooklyn to shop, Bronx to get your hair and nails done, Manhattan for the parties, Queens for the food,  and Staten Island for the experience... Well, that's how I think it goes πŸ˜‰.

I have not shopped everywhere in NYC, yet, but I know the cool places to be. Sometimes they are pop-up shops, thrift stores, or small businesses, so, do not be quick to judge these up-and-coming spots. For now, I will be giving you 'mainstream' stores to influence your wardrobe and style.

Sunday Soho       Longchamp        Kith        Love Only        ALAND        LOEWE    H&M     Fivestory       Zara       Aritzia    Isalis    Daily Paper   The Shops NYC   Chelsea Market       BCBGMAXAZRIA        Century 21        Bloomingdales          Hudson Yards       Westfield World Trade Center        Levi        Primark

I am not into the name brand stores but from my massive vintage shopping blog post and this one truly covers all of the amazing places to shop in NYC. You would have to live and get around a lot to know these awesome places in NYC, so mine is just based on window-shopping. I rarely go to the city to shop rather have a great time with friends and family. I know this might sound crazy because I am a style blogger and CEO of a clothing brand but I actually dislike shopping, it takes up to much time I would rather see something and get it or shop online. Anyway, it is hard to find a brand with a good image and a societal impact. In New York there are thousands of stores to match your interest so why not explore the city while you enjoy the stores - I definitely do.

Till next time,
Natalia O.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Feed the Experience

It's all about feeding the experience when you go out to eat, that is the whole reason why people like to eat at places like Cheese Cake Factory or the whole concept of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is for the standard of a high-quality experience. During this pandemic and weather crisis, everyone is trying to find new fun things to do to get their mind of the world's changes. Luckily, for you, I know the places... if you live in New York. 

Many establishments have closed down during these hard times, but there are new ones that have strung-up or that have been thriving. If you are looking for cool restaurants to eat with friends and enjoy interactive activities, then look no further. My blog post has got the places for you. 

1. Pier 17
Also called the greens has cozy rooftop cabins for small intimate groups to enjoy a meal together. It is like a cabin in upstate New York but not, LOL! If you want to stay comfortable and also be outside your residence then this is the place. Call your closest friends and family and share these warm moments together. 
I thought that drive-in movie theatres were extinct but this place is thriving. They have a great selection of modern-day movies for everyone in any age group to enjoy. I recommend bringing friends, family, or spouses to movie drive-ins for everyone to enjoy.

Is of course for adults only, but it is super cute. It's part bar and art studio, as their motto is "Paint like Picasso and drink like Van Gogh." I can't wait to be old enough to go here with friends, I totally recommend this place. I would even bring my mom or a chill friend that is not into the extravagant activities but a more intimate/social setting.
Do you have a lot of anger built -up from quarantining, then I have just the place to get it all out of your system; this bar/destruction room is where you finally let out some steam and wild out while drinking yourself silly. I do not like to break things or the sound of destruction but if this your thing, then go for it.
Chinatown is just my favorite place in the city from the food, people, and culture and I get to practice my mandarin; and sadly it is struggling with the massive shutdowns, so please go and try food crawling, which is just picking a street and bing to eat each eating establishment down the way. The food will, of course, be delicious and it, of course, an experience to try different things and culture. Bring friends and family and take a stroll through the infamous Chinatown.

This sounded crazy and cool to me because imagine eating in the dark like at, but here you are blind-folded, as the curiosity on what;'s on your plate is supposed to elevate your senses and taste buds. If you want to join in on the sensation of mystery then check this NYC bistro. I have major trust issues so I would definitely get anxious, but at the same time, this could be so relaxing. I could imagine planning a blind date here for someone.

So, these places are for adults with licenses which I am neither but when I am I want to go and check these places out. I am about to turn 18 soon so that means I do not have to wait too long to try these places. Getting to the city now is not as bad as it used to be so there are only positives to planning these interactive experiences. I hope that you were at least inspired to try or find places of your own to visit.

Natalia O.

Sunday, February 21, 2021


Not Justin Bieber's song, Yummy... no, no! Yum, is for all the delicious on-the-go treats you can get from New York City. The city might not seem like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but it is and even more so, with new explosives dessert concepts. That will make you want to say: "that yummy, yummy...."

Enjoy, your weekend drinking chocolate shakes, burgers, and more at these places that are only known by city insiders.

  • Black Tap
  • Eat Pretty: Coffee & Kitchen
  • Jell & Chill
  • Softbite Souffle Pancake
  • Laduree
  • Sadelles
  • Surreal Creamy
  • Milk & Cream
  • Cha Cha Matcha
  • Whipped: Urban Dessert Lab
  • Chocolate Dip
  • Dough: Handmade artisanal doughnuts
  • Amorino
  • Sweet Moment
  • Ferara Bakery
  • Brooklyn Farmacy & soda fountain
  • The Orginal Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
  • The Dough Club
  • Spot Dessert Bar
  • Prince Tea House
  • Cha-Ans Tea House
  • Bibble & Sip
  • Supermoon Bakehouse
  • Yonah Schimmel's Knish
  • The Dessert Kitchen
  • Sweet Churros
  • Chickalicious Churro Cone
  • Pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds
  • Grace Street Coffee & Desserts
  • Dun-Well Doughnut
  • Milk Bar
  • Taiyaki
  • M Tea
  • Economy Candy
  • Eggloo Ice Cream Shop
*By the way, these places do have alternative options.πŸ˜€*

I have only been to one place on this list and that was on a whim, so if any of my readers get there before me please tag @stylecrisis or #stylecrisisclub, so I can like and comment. These Places are absolutely delicious and maybe I am saying this because their interior design aesthetics are on point but I mean come on, these places have to have amazing food. I am getting tired of my same old quarantine snacks, and after making this list I crave new sweet treats.

Eat Up Buttercup,
Natalia O.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Living Thrift in NYC

You would be surprised by how much of my wardrobe was thrifted. I have found amazing things that I will keep forever, like my Ralph Lauren vintage corduroy jacket and my Lagerfield dress. Besides the usual Goodwill or Salvation Army finds, sometimes you need to change your location in order to find the best items. I travel into NYC and make a day's trip out of thrifting. I want to take you along on the top-recommended thrift/vintage shops in NYC.

Best Thrift & Vintage Shops in NYC

Thrifting is my best way to shop because it is like a treasure hunt but I love to upcycle clothes. This list of thrift stores is on another level because it has all the best and most recommended sites for all and any style. I suggest that you choose a few that match your vibe or aesthetic, also, these places are spread out around NYC. Check out my other blog post, How to Thrift Like A Pro, if you want to thrift online.

Happy Shopping,
Natalia O.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Photograph NYC Indoor Locations

It's too cold outside with New Yorks's frequent snowstorms. The fun has not stopped, instead, it has moved indoors. I want to let you in on the locations of the most instagrammable locations in NYC. Of course, these places are colorful and classy, so make the best of t at these glorious locations.

These are just the trendy places that I am aware of ...

Indoor Locations
  • Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
  • Arlo Soho
  • The Beekman
  • Museum of Sex
  • Park Hyatt NYC
  • TWA Hotel
  • PUBLIC Hotel
  • The Shred
  • Conrad Hotel
  • Artechouse
  • Pen Station
  • Ice Cream Museum
  • The Color Factory
  • Line Friends
  • Albertine
  • The Hole
I am kind of disappointed that I did not find much Indoor fun and trendy locations that are new but there are so many other cool things to do in the city. I will keep you posted on other New Yorker things, places, and events that will light up your world. 

If you have any recommendations please contact me:

Have fun,
Natalia O.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Photograph NYC Outdoor Locations

New York City is full of surprises and though I live an hour away, the city feels like an entirely different world. I used to head into the city a lot during pre-Covid days and now I have not been in the city for a year, and I have missed new and amazing things that pop-up. The city that never sleeps is still vibing and thriving and I can not wait to see it again. 

But any adventures happen I need to evaluate places that are new and trending in the city right now. Though these places are trendy, they are still very exclusive because not everyone knows what and where the places to be are; I would say that I am only going for business and networking" purposes but I am just in awe and want to get out of my house. I have done a lot of 'research' [#tiktok]on the cool places to be in NYC. If you get a chance to go I differently recommend these places.

Of course, these places are Instagrammable locations because they are aesthetically pleasing. This post seems geared towards influencer's but they are very fun places to visit. 

Outdoor Locations

  • The Greenpoint  NYC
  • Bryant Park
  • The Highline
  • Domino Park
  • 5th Ave Manhattan
  • TWA Hotel
  • Four Freedoms Park
  • Bushwick Murals
  • The Vessel
  • Seaport Fidi
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Top of the Rock
  • Dumbo, Water Street
  • The Edge, Hudson Yards
  • Washington Square Park
  • The Met Cloisters
  • The Highline Hotel
  • Pepsi-Cola Sign
  • Two Bridges
  • The Greens
Address List
    1. The Greenpoint           

    The Greenpoint, 21 India Street, NYC

    1. Bryant Park

    Bryant Park, New York, NY 10018

    1. The Highline

    The High Line, New York, NY 10011

    1. Domino Park

    Domino Park, 300 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

    1. 5th Ave Manhattan

    5th Ave, New York, NY

    1. TWA Hotel

    TWA Hotel, John F. Kennedy International Airport, JFK Access Road, One Idlewild Drive, 11430 

    1. Four Freedoms Park

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park, 1 FDR Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island, NY 10044

    1. Bushwick Murals

    427 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

    1. The Vessel

    Vessel, 20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001

    1. Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6 - Beach Volleyball Courts, Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    1. Jane’s Carousel

    Jane's Carousel, New Dock St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    1. Top of the Rock

    Top of The Rock, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 

    1. Dumbo, Water Street

    DUMBO House, 55 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    1. The Edge, Hudson Yards

     30 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001

    1. Washington Square Park

    Washington Square, New York, NY 10012

    1. The Met Cloisters

    99 Margaret Corbin Dr, New York, NY 10040

    1. The Highline Hotel

    180 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

    1. Pepsi-Cola Sign

    4610 Center Blvd, Manhattan, NY 11109   

    1. Two Bridges

    Two Bridges, New York, Ngay street, east

    1. Gay Street, East Village

    Gay Street, New York, NY 10014

    1. Manhattan Bridge Arch and Colonnade

    Manhattan Bridge Lower Roadway, New York, NY 10002

    1. Pier 25

    West St, New York, NY 10013

          23.   The Greens

    89 South St, New York, NY 10038

Well, didn't I tell you that these places were cool?! I have not been to all but I could imagine the experience. So, get your camera-ready and packet great outfits because it's time for an adventure in the wilderness of NYC concrete jungle - it might be the excursion you were hoping for but it is even better. 
If and when you go, please tag @style_crisis or #stylecrisisclub so I can like and comment.

Adventure is out there,
Natalia O.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Welcome To Fashion TikTok

Welcome to Fashion TikTok.....

If you are reading this then this is your call to action to become a fashion icon of your own. Tiktoks' new movement is called #Fashiontiktok and though there is no true hashtag, you'll know when you are invited. I have definitely stepped up my fashion, decor, and lifestyle because of TikTok. The whole reason for this blog was inspired by several classy female bloggers on the platform but that's story is for another post. 

TikTok trends come and go but good taste is everlasting. The influential force that is TikTok has the ability to bring consumers to small businesses, make people into influencer celebrity's, and change so many people's lives. I am not telling you to become an influencer or be fake famous but take all the resources that you find on the app to actually help you in your life. But be aware of not getting sucked into the TikTok vortex because it can leave you depressed or on a digital hangover. The year 2021 has yet to prove any improvements from 2020 so if the year is not going to change, then it should not stop you from growing as an individual. 

Though Cosmpolitan, Vogue, Elle, People's magazine might tell you who you should be following or who stays on top of trends... TikTok declares who truly is the best and most stylish with no other hype but its own. 

[The order of the names and accounts have nothing to do with ratings or popularity]

Fashion Tok Influencers:

  • Demi Diamadis |@demidiamadis| IG @demidiamadis
  • Tiffany Gregory |@tiffagtv| IG @tiffagtv
  • Shivani |@sleepingbeautxo |IG @s.h.i.vani
  • Labels with Lattes |@labelswithlattes | IG @labelswithlattes
  • Rebecca Ko |@rebeccaxko |IG @rebeccaxko
  • Summer Rachel Warren |@summerrachelwarren| IG@summerrachelwarren
  • Eve Lily |@evelilythrifts| IG2evelilycp
  • Liz Norris |@liznorris97|IG @liznorris97
  • Nava Rose |@thenavarose| IG @thenavarose
  • Madison Wild |@madisonxwild| IG@madisonxwild
  • Claudya Moreira |@claudyamoreira|IG@claudyamoreira
  • Sarita |@saritacuer|IG@saritacuer
  • Natasha |@natashahmedx| IG @natashahmedx
  • Grace Shadrack + Grace Foley |@graceandgracetiktok|
...Hundred more accounts later you shall be a fashion icon LOL! This is not even the tip of the iceberg of fashion TikTok accounts that I follow or are on the platform. The accounts and individuals that I have selected above are a few of my most favorite accounts that inspire me every day. I hope they inspire you too😚 Please do not forget that if you like my content to please subscribe to this blog and follow me @stylecrisis & IG@style_crisis.

Natalia O.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Making of a Model

Modeling is a legit career and take is very hard, don't be fooled by all the luxury. Definitely, as a child, I remember going to the mall with friends thinking that I would get scouted on the spot to be the next top model...If that was the case then most likely it was a scam. Nonetheless, let's get into becoming a professional model that gets paid and is well respected. 

Modeling can seem like a nonchalant career but it is actually vigorous from early mornings of flights or rides to hours-long photo shoots, and the rest of the hecticness that comes with modeling. Though, I am not a model myself I have worked as a stylist, makeup artist, and actress that can agree to the imaginable work-life of models. If you are interested in uncovering the truths and lifestyles of models then these are a few of my favorite models TikTok accounts: @cocorocha, @madelineaford, @tiffbaira, @chalitanata, @kenzlawren, @juliaakong, @mathieusimoneau. A video that helped me debunk the overall severity of the Model Agency is Madeline Ford's How to start  your modeling career in quarantine (from a full-time model) 

Though this is one video and it did give me a great sense of understanding of how to be professional and get started as a model. Remember you are as beautiful and great as you are. If you have acne, scars, a little plump, or short, nevermind all that because in reality most models are and it either gets covered-up or photoshopped out. Plus, there are many different avenues of the modeling industry from product modeling, runway, editorial, commercial, and more. Don't get caught up in what you do not have or do not look like when you are the greatest version of yourself already. You will always be your best advocate, and let your boss moves talk for you.

Better than you know,

Natalia O.


Monday, February 15, 2021

Top 5 Modeling Agencies

If I have learned anything in my past 17 years on Earth is that anything is possible. Being a model is still a possibility for me in the future whether it will be on Forbes 30 under 30 or on Vogue. I have seen a lot of reports about people getting into the modeling industry on a whim or through NYFW, they are my inspiration to never let dreams die and go after what you want. 
This post is for all the future supermodels that need this encouragement to apply at an agency. There are so many agencies out there that are ready to catfish you with fake fees, commissions, and hopeful lies. It can be better to start at a place that is also new and on the come up than an established agency because their much room to learn and improve. Also, finding an agency that supports your ambitions and you support their invisionment is just as important that signing a contract. 
               I already know you are a model and now it is time for you to become one too.
Top Legitment Model Agencies To Apply Too:
  1. The BTWN                                                                                                                                           platform is really clean and unique with acceptance of all body types while being seriously all diverse 
  2. Ricky Michiels Management                                                                                                          driven by their creative direction of coolness and grunge and also very diverse but based in NYC
  3. Muse                                                                                                                                                            Diverse and the models that sign with them make bank $$$ and get a lot of exposure on lots of platforms
  4. NATURAL Model Management                                                                                                      works many amazing brands and has an all inclusive board #LA based
  5. ONE Management                                                                                                                               Diverse with great engagement and gets to work with many different magazines  #based in NYC and LA                                                                                                                                                          I of course could not forget the renowed agencies like IMG , WIHELMINA , ELITE, and so many more but even if you are not for sure just put on a black or white tank top with black leggings and take those vulnerable pictures of yourself in front of a white wall and submit them as you are. If an agency can not accept you 'worst' than they do not deserve you at your best.
You got this babe,
Natalia O

Sunday, February 14, 2021

To All the Boys I will Love After

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovelies, 

Love is in the air and sadly there is so much space between people these days. I am just getting started on my love journey. Though I am a geared focus student and majestic curator I still have insight into relationships at 17 and during this particular time in a pandemic. Right now it feels like I am living in one of Jenny Han’s novels because I am living the main character's life, where it includes me and entanglements with guys; and not the Jada Pinkett Smith kind! 

[Disclaimer: I am used to dudes of all ages trying to get my attention, but it does not make it any less weird] 

At first I did not know what it was about me that attracted them if it was my coily-curls, my wide eyes, my uplifting smile, my hazelnut complexion, my stellar sense of style, or my personality; Or I am (thinking way too much into this) just in love with myself. I realized that it was me all of me that guys liked, which is weird to me because I always thought of myself as beautiful (even when I was not at my best), and now it is like others can see that I am beautiful too?! I am allowed to date and I am even encouraged to by family because they constantly ask me: Are you dating anyone? Do you have a crush on someone? Isn't he cute? Those questions have become annoying and I could imagine the situations and the conversations that other girls my age get asked. It is honestly a problem with this culture because if you are a single woman then you are lonely or different (in a bad way), but with singularity is individuality.

After seeing To All the Boys I've Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You, for the fifteenth time and the book inspired me to make a contract myself. [This contract can be versatile for anyone] I feel like I am at the strategic point of my young adulthood and I have some things to share with my future self about love, that I do not want to forget. 

  1. I will only say I love you when I mean it
  2. I would want to be together because we would like each other, not because we are familiar with one another.
  3. Put yourself first but do not be vacant when needed
  4. I will never lie - I will never hurt you
  5. I will always be present in the relationship; Never talk about break-ups or think about it
  6. Do not tolerate the partner if they compare to their ex's
  7. We should strive and encourage ourselves to become better
  8. Be open-minded: watch, listen, travel, eat to what partner likes (versa)
  9. Learn Patience
  10. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable relationships
  11. Do not let the relationship get too serious; Try to put a smile on the face
  12. I will be your ride or die in a zombie apocalypse
  13. Never argue but explain, to move on because of an argument
  14. If you are permanent, I'll be your best friend #soulmate
  15. Look for intimacy, not intercourse

Dating is a commitment, not a challenge or a test trail. I have witnessed plenty of terrible relationships and if I would have said, YES, I could have been in them myself. When I am ready to date these are my conditions and I want to remember them no matter how my love seems; because love is a priority and is like nothing else. If this year has taught me anything is infinite and can stretch further than a day.

Always and Forever,

Natalia O.

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