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Monday, February 22, 2021

Feed the Experience

It's all about feeding the experience when you go out to eat, that is the whole reason why people like to eat at places like Cheese Cake Factory or the whole concept of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is for the standard of a high-quality experience. During this pandemic and weather crisis, everyone is trying to find new fun things to do to get their mind of the world's changes. Luckily, for you, I know the places... if you live in New York. 

Many establishments have closed down during these hard times, but there are new ones that have strung-up or that have been thriving. If you are looking for cool restaurants to eat with friends and enjoy interactive activities, then look no further. My blog post has got the places for you. 

1. Pier 17
Also called the greens has cozy rooftop cabins for small intimate groups to enjoy a meal together. It is like a cabin in upstate New York but not, LOL! If you want to stay comfortable and also be outside your residence then this is the place. Call your closest friends and family and share these warm moments together. 
I thought that drive-in movie theatres were extinct but this place is thriving. They have a great selection of modern-day movies for everyone in any age group to enjoy. I recommend bringing friends, family, or spouses to movie drive-ins for everyone to enjoy.

Is of course for adults only, but it is super cute. It's part bar and art studio, as their motto is "Paint like Picasso and drink like Van Gogh." I can't wait to be old enough to go here with friends, I totally recommend this place. I would even bring my mom or a chill friend that is not into the extravagant activities but a more intimate/social setting.
Do you have a lot of anger built -up from quarantining, then I have just the place to get it all out of your system; this bar/destruction room is where you finally let out some steam and wild out while drinking yourself silly. I do not like to break things or the sound of destruction but if this your thing, then go for it.
Chinatown is just my favorite place in the city from the food, people, and culture and I get to practice my mandarin; and sadly it is struggling with the massive shutdowns, so please go and try food crawling, which is just picking a street and bing to eat each eating establishment down the way. The food will, of course, be delicious and it, of course, an experience to try different things and culture. Bring friends and family and take a stroll through the infamous Chinatown.

This sounded crazy and cool to me because imagine eating in the dark like at, but here you are blind-folded, as the curiosity on what;'s on your plate is supposed to elevate your senses and taste buds. If you want to join in on the sensation of mystery then check this NYC bistro. I have major trust issues so I would definitely get anxious, but at the same time, this could be so relaxing. I could imagine planning a blind date here for someone.

So, these places are for adults with licenses which I am neither but when I am I want to go and check these places out. I am about to turn 18 soon so that means I do not have to wait too long to try these places. Getting to the city now is not as bad as it used to be so there are only positives to planning these interactive experiences. I hope that you were at least inspired to try or find places of your own to visit.

Natalia O.
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