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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Feeling Comfortable with Rent The Runway

Affording your own style is an issue that I run it to all the time. But I have recently joined Rent The Runway where I can have several designer outfits sent to my house to wear for as long as I want.  

My mom got me the membership in hopes of me finding my Prom Dress, but I have found all the clothes that I would wear to a friends Birthday, school events, and just for fun. Rent The Runway is full of thousands of designers, and it is even cooler that's algorithm is tailored to your size and style. For instance, I love Kate Spade, so my RTR account shows me clothes, purses, and jewelry from Kate Spade in my size range of 16-18. I am now using Rent The Runway for everything, I even wore a Derek Lam Collection Coat to all my classes last week! 

It feels like I am shopping without boundaries on Rent The Runway, like size and price doesn't matter because as along as you like it then it can be yours. If you love an item so much you can buy with an RTR discount. For myself I have found the Rent The Runway to be an extremely useful platform for young women in need of a good suit and accessories for internships and interviews or for young influences, like myself. 

I will answer common questions about Rent The Runway:
Is rent the runway worth it?
It is extremely worth the price of your membership as you can order whatever you want each week and the customer service is so helpful.

Is Rent The Runway sustainable?
RTR is very eco-friendly as it request that you recycle the garment bags and polymailers or send it all back them when you return your items.

Can you rent from Rent The Runway without a membership?
Yes, so if there is a particular item, for example a dress for a wedding, you can just rent the dress for a fee. You can even rent the dress in advance for that exact time that you need it. 

How long do returns and ships take?
Since I am near New York City, it estimates my shipments and returns to take 1-2 days. But in most of my cases I have received my items in a day from placing the order.    

Does Rent the Runway have plus sizes?
Yes, RTR has thousands of designers and sizes from you to chose from so even as your body shape and size fluctuates RTR's algorithm takes not and finds you the best fit and style.

I highly recommend Rent The Runway for aspiring stylist and professional women everywhere as it comes in handy towards making the right impressions. Do not take my word for it, go try it for yourself!

~ Natalia O.
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