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Friday, November 19, 2021

Style Crisis: Senior Bucket List


It’s my Senior Year and like every high school movie I want to make it the most rememberable school year, to end this chapter in my life. After a pandemic, I am in a rush to be I afraid of life with my best friends and wearing the most stylish clothes. Though I don’t have sense or sensibility, I make up for in ambition and creativity. I have changed so much since the pandemic started at the end of my Sophomore year and as it continues I am now a Senior. My elaborate idea of a Senior Bucket List is my chance to make up for all the adventures I missed in the Covid *blip*. I am excited to see who I am at the end of it all.

The thing about adventures is that you never know where you are going to end up, and my physical covenant/contract for our senior list is still be added too. Our bucket list is a high school one for all the things that all my friends and I have or want to accomplish. Like “heading to a secret skate park” or “winning a Mock Trial case”. 

  • Go to Homecoming
  • Food Fest
  • Bryant Park Shopping Haul
  • Movie Night
  • Vlog a Day in a Life
Just to name a few and I will list the rest below...

Our dreams and achievements on the list are solely our own and NO BOYS ALLOWED to participate! We have completed a few already and can’t wait to elaborate on our ideas or promises. As we accomplish each item we must take pictures for ourselves in remembrance. As I will be heading off to college in a few months, I make a bucket list a tradition for my friends and myself to do because waiting never brings around opportunities.  

Once Again,

Natalia O.

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