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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Forget Instagram

I am new to social media as I was just allowed to be on all platforms when I turned 17, last year. I chose to only be on the platforms that would promote my brand and grow my interest. TikTok and Instagram are my go-to platforms for viewing and inspiration. I am definitely obsessed with TikTok, I to had to even set a lockdown timer on the app because I can get carried away 😌 Now Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and all the other prime social media apps are over-saturated and have too many rules, that they are becoming artifacts to the historic social media freezie of the early 2000s and soon will be archived with MySpace. 

Now that I kind of understands how social media works, I feel like Instagram, Facebook, etc are boring and no longer relate or compatible with the GenZ movement for positivity and realness. Now people are buying followers, behind the scenes of a single post is a production, and the receivers of those posts are developing unhealthy mentalities. Not to mention the issues of cybersecurity and trustworthiness online. There are so many things wrong with the old way of how social media works when in reality it is a sad and devastating place. If you want to understand the ingenuousness of social media, then I recommend watching the Social Dilemma and Fake Famous because they show you the behind-the-scenes of the social impact of social media; which is not ironic, but destructive.

If you are over, all the 'bs' of all the older social media platforms then I think it is time to start over. Luckily, you can as there are new social media platforms that are actually growing a following as there is a mass exodus from the older platforms to these new and aspiring platforms. These new media are reimaging and reinstating the whole concept of social media to actually promote and support brands and individuals.

  1. Hive ~ GenZ Instagram
  2. Club House ~ Professional Houseparty
  3. Caffeine ~ New Youtube like ICarly
  4. Twitter Space 
  5. Slack ~ New version than SMS, Whatsapp, WeChat, and Discord
Revolutions have sparked up everywhere these past few years and now it has made itself on to social media. We have to get more and more options to decide what platforms we want to support and feel comfortable putting ourselves on. Let's get back to genuine interactions and valuable posts.

Make Your Own Choices,
Natalia O.

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