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Friday, February 19, 2021

Photograph NYC Indoor Locations

It's too cold outside with New Yorks's frequent snowstorms. The fun has not stopped, instead, it has moved indoors. I want to let you in on the locations of the most instagrammable locations in NYC. Of course, these places are colorful and classy, so make the best of t at these glorious locations.

These are just the trendy places that I am aware of ...

Indoor Locations
  • Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
  • Arlo Soho
  • The Beekman
  • Museum of Sex
  • Park Hyatt NYC
  • TWA Hotel
  • PUBLIC Hotel
  • The Shred
  • Conrad Hotel
  • Artechouse
  • Pen Station
  • Ice Cream Museum
  • The Color Factory
  • Line Friends
  • Albertine
  • The Hole
I am kind of disappointed that I did not find much Indoor fun and trendy locations that are new but there are so many other cool things to do in the city. I will keep you posted on other New Yorker things, places, and events that will light up your world. 

If you have any recommendations please contact me:

Have fun,
Natalia O.
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