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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Welcome To Fashion TikTok

Welcome to Fashion TikTok.....

If you are reading this then this is your call to action to become a fashion icon of your own. Tiktoks' new movement is called #Fashiontiktok and though there is no true hashtag, you'll know when you are invited. I have definitely stepped up my fashion, decor, and lifestyle because of TikTok. The whole reason for this blog was inspired by several classy female bloggers on the platform but that's story is for another post. 

TikTok trends come and go but good taste is everlasting. The influential force that is TikTok has the ability to bring consumers to small businesses, make people into influencer celebrity's, and change so many people's lives. I am not telling you to become an influencer or be fake famous but take all the resources that you find on the app to actually help you in your life. But be aware of not getting sucked into the TikTok vortex because it can leave you depressed or on a digital hangover. The year 2021 has yet to prove any improvements from 2020 so if the year is not going to change, then it should not stop you from growing as an individual. 

Though Cosmpolitan, Vogue, Elle, People's magazine might tell you who you should be following or who stays on top of trends... TikTok declares who truly is the best and most stylish with no other hype but its own. 

[The order of the names and accounts have nothing to do with ratings or popularity]

Fashion Tok Influencers:

  • Demi Diamadis |@demidiamadis| IG @demidiamadis
  • Tiffany Gregory |@tiffagtv| IG @tiffagtv
  • Shivani |@sleepingbeautxo |IG @s.h.i.vani
  • Labels with Lattes |@labelswithlattes | IG @labelswithlattes
  • Rebecca Ko |@rebeccaxko |IG @rebeccaxko
  • Summer Rachel Warren |@summerrachelwarren| IG@summerrachelwarren
  • Eve Lily |@evelilythrifts| IG2evelilycp
  • Liz Norris |@liznorris97|IG @liznorris97
  • Nava Rose |@thenavarose| IG @thenavarose
  • Madison Wild |@madisonxwild| IG@madisonxwild
  • Claudya Moreira |@claudyamoreira|IG@claudyamoreira
  • Sarita |@saritacuer|IG@saritacuer
  • Natasha |@natashahmedx| IG @natashahmedx
  • Grace Shadrack + Grace Foley |@graceandgracetiktok|
...Hundred more accounts later you shall be a fashion icon LOL! This is not even the tip of the iceberg of fashion TikTok accounts that I follow or are on the platform. The accounts and individuals that I have selected above are a few of my most favorite accounts that inspire me every day. I hope they inspire you too😚 Please do not forget that if you like my content to please subscribe to this blog and follow me @stylecrisis & IG@style_crisis.

Natalia O.
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