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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Making of a Model

Modeling is a legit career and take is very hard, don't be fooled by all the luxury. Definitely, as a child, I remember going to the mall with friends thinking that I would get scouted on the spot to be the next top model...If that was the case then most likely it was a scam. Nonetheless, let's get into becoming a professional model that gets paid and is well respected. 

Modeling can seem like a nonchalant career but it is actually vigorous from early mornings of flights or rides to hours-long photo shoots, and the rest of the hecticness that comes with modeling. Though, I am not a model myself I have worked as a stylist, makeup artist, and actress that can agree to the imaginable work-life of models. If you are interested in uncovering the truths and lifestyles of models then these are a few of my favorite models TikTok accounts: @cocorocha, @madelineaford, @tiffbaira, @chalitanata, @kenzlawren, @juliaakong, @mathieusimoneau. A video that helped me debunk the overall severity of the Model Agency is Madeline Ford's How to start  your modeling career in quarantine (from a full-time model) 

Though this is one video and it did give me a great sense of understanding of how to be professional and get started as a model. Remember you are as beautiful and great as you are. If you have acne, scars, a little plump, or short, nevermind all that because in reality most models are and it either gets covered-up or photoshopped out. Plus, there are many different avenues of the modeling industry from product modeling, runway, editorial, commercial, and more. Don't get caught up in what you do not have or do not look like when you are the greatest version of yourself already. You will always be your best advocate, and let your boss moves talk for you.

Better than you know,

Natalia O.

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