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Monday, February 15, 2021

Top 5 Modeling Agencies

If I have learned anything in my past 17 years on Earth is that anything is possible. Being a model is still a possibility for me in the future whether it will be on Forbes 30 under 30 or on Vogue. I have seen a lot of reports about people getting into the modeling industry on a whim or through NYFW, they are my inspiration to never let dreams die and go after what you want. 
This post is for all the future supermodels that need this encouragement to apply at an agency. There are so many agencies out there that are ready to catfish you with fake fees, commissions, and hopeful lies. It can be better to start at a place that is also new and on the come up than an established agency because their much room to learn and improve. Also, finding an agency that supports your ambitions and you support their invisionment is just as important that signing a contract. 
               I already know you are a model and now it is time for you to become one too.
Top Legitment Model Agencies To Apply Too:
  1. The BTWN                                                                                                                                           platform is really clean and unique with acceptance of all body types while being seriously all diverse 
  2. Ricky Michiels Management                                                                                                          driven by their creative direction of coolness and grunge and also very diverse but based in NYC
  3. Muse                                                                                                                                                            Diverse and the models that sign with them make bank $$$ and get a lot of exposure on lots of platforms
  4. NATURAL Model Management                                                                                                      works many amazing brands and has an all inclusive board #LA based
  5. ONE Management                                                                                                                               Diverse with great engagement and gets to work with many different magazines  #based in NYC and LA                                                                                                                                                          I of course could not forget the renowed agencies like IMG , WIHELMINA , ELITE, and so many more but even if you are not for sure just put on a black or white tank top with black leggings and take those vulnerable pictures of yourself in front of a white wall and submit them as you are. If an agency can not accept you 'worst' than they do not deserve you at your best.
You got this babe,
Natalia O
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