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Friday, September 4, 2020

How to Earn Respect IRL


As a child, you will be told what to do by adults and even back then my mind was set on bigger & brighter things. And before you think that this is a memoir about my childhood trauma, it's not. This blog post is about earning respect in real life because great things take time. To truly earn and have long-lasting respect it must come from within; Not what you, where you live, who you know, or how many followers you have.

My tips are versatile for boss babes, work, social settings, and leaders.

  1. Keep your crown up Princess: 

Imagine that the second you leave your house you have an imaginary crown on, it should never slip because your head will always be up; Your eyes and mind will be focused on moving forward. 

  1. Eyes on You:

Whether you walk into a meeting or a party you should walk in like you own the place; Meaning that you're confident and comfortable, which should calm down the tension and anxiety left in you and the room because the focus is on you. [Be like a lighthouse: a lighthouse is sturdy and reliable as it will always be there, it's bright as it guides ships - so do the same.]

  1. Question Everything:

You should speak up more, so people get to match your voice to your name. Also, become the one to speak up to ask a question or speak up to question authority, will people take notice. 

  1. Be Honest:

You should always be truthful, but I mean say what's on your mind and do so with good intentions. 

  1.  You don't need a Hand to Hold:

 You should believe in yourself, and others will too. When you walk into a room take it all in and not immediately run to someone that's familiar and become acquainted with others in the room. You should get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

  1.  Talk the Talk:

 Don't go around telling people your big plans, humble yourself, be the person that takes action, that you know you can be. Think of yourself as a resume, it's not about what you're going to do but what you have done. #MustHaveExperience

  1. Good Conversation:

If you can master the point of conversation then you can consider yourself respectable. When talking to someone it's more meaningful when you say give them your attention and make them feel heard. 

  1. Never Mistreat Kindness: 

 People can sniff out weakness and do not let your kindness be taken for granted. You should do things out of generosity and not because you don't know how to say “no!” (I love saying no to others because then I am saying yes to myself.)

Also, choose your friends wisely and uphold them to a standard that makes you a better person and good to be around. I know that this seems like a wikiHow type of post but I am tired of people being misguided to become popular, sexy, or rich when all they truly want is to be respected and in control. If we are going to dominate this world we will need all the assets we can get and respect is one of them.


 Natalia O. 

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