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Monday, September 7, 2020

Rating Streaming Services

I am obsessed with visual arts. When I mean visual arts I mean graphic design, CGI, animation, digital illustration, dancing, theatre, and film productions. I am in awe of those types of arts, I even joined The Arts University of San Francisco for pre-college art courses. I can say that I have a creative eye for detail probably because my grandparents put me in front of a television; Though, there are a hundred things wrong with being in front of the TV for a child’s development I don’t watch TV as an unconscious habit.

All of our time is valuable so a show or movie is good. I will watch it several times because I hold on to greatness. There are a lot of trashy shows and movies that won’t make a difference in your life.

Once my family switched from cable to streaming, it exposed me to a whole world of glorious television. I no longer have to pick DVD's from the library, go on-demand, or wait till a certain time. I could watch what I wanted when I wanted.

  1. HBO Max

Everything on here is beautifully filmed and so enticing and there is more to come.

  1. Amazon Prime

If you are an inquisitive person and like dark twisted stuff like Parasite or Utopia.

  1. Hulu

It has everything from reality-based and is about to add more shows based on family and drama.

  1. Netflix

I just like it for its originals, but the US version sucks.

  1. DisneyPlus+

I grew up watching Disney and Marvel, I have watched their Disney Earth Day films.

  1. Peacock

Their originals blew me away, i.e. Brave New World, Noughts & Crosses, and Saved By the Bell

Streaming has changed my world and I wish I had the time to solely watch good things but I still have my reality to live. Visual pictures help me envision my work and my possibilities for the future. I might seem like a film critic but I have a lot of ideas on what I want to direct and see on TV.

Popcorn and Chill,

Natalia O.

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