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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Quarantine Essentials

I like it in quarantine! It's as if time has slowed down and toxic people have gone away. It feels as if we are in a whole new dimension, well for me. I'm living my best life and it's bliss. I have pretty much left behind things of the past to start my future fresh. The rest of the outside world is taking part in a shitshow, but you didn’t hear that from me ;) 

Certain things like friends, memories, my dog, my laptop, and of course my wardrobe. I mean come on, I would never leave those things behind, they're too precious. In the current state of the world and all, it’s problems are worldwide. I want to take a second to acknowledge the Americans' initial behavior in this pandemic because things got weird. 

For instance, people were buying trucks (also RV’s), fighting over toilet paper, and buying everything off their Amazon wishlist. 

I get it people anxiety was spiked so they neglected all rational thought, which is like trying to talk to someone in a game of “ Manhunt”, they are too busy trying to survive to play nice or listen.

And if that is true to your behavior then acknowledge it and learn from it, or if you are more concerned about your family's safety, then here is a checklist to hopefully soothe both of your anxieties.

I hope this helped you at this uncertain time and you should really calm down. You will make it through this anarchy, and come out a better and stronger person, trust me. You already lived this far in this crazy world then you can surpass this chaos.


Natalia O.

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