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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Summer Plans for a Rising Junior


Wow! I am already a junior, which is weird to talk about because I always imagined that

Juniors were adults and I can't picture myself as an adult. Nonetheless, I have worked hard to make it this far in my academic career and uphold my title as an honor student. Now that school is over, I expected that my Rising Junior Summer would be like the HBO show, Euphoria, excluding the sex and drugs, but be about partying and hanging out with my besties.

    This current pandemic interrupted my plans, but I am adaptable so now I am getting back

on track to my overall plan of going to college. I had spoken to a College advisor, my

teachers, and family members that work in higher education to configure my objective to get into a college of my choice. I would recommend to anyone who is a high school student reading to contact people who can help advise, support, and research for you in the process of preparing you for as much as possible. But with this pandemic and unrest, there are positive and negative factors that can affect your education so you should constantly monitor your schools’ and college's statements on the matter.

This is what I am planning on doing this summer:

  •  Growing my vocabulary

I want to sound smarter and have large vocabulary as my tool to help me

in conversation, networking, interviews, and in my writing. Plus, it is

helpful when taking the SAT or ACT. 

  •  Read books  

Not just any books, books that will most likely be taught in English class

or a recommended read for enlightenment from the Library of Congress.

  •  Get ahead of classes by studying the basics

I know that next year will be my most hectic year yet, with balancing

friends, college applications, and leadership positions so I might as well

get a head start.

  • Continue practicing my languages

Let me tell you speaking chinese is fun but actually learning it can be a struggle.

  •  Reach out for internships and leadership positions

OK, well I already got the leadership positions I wanted, but they are just

a stepping-stone for my bigger plans. 

  • Update my Resume and Cover letter

Well a girl has gotta look well-rounded in an interview

  • Join Masterclass

I will never skip an opportunity to learn from the best.

  • Apply for scholarships

All this girl wants is funds

  • Make a college wish list

Making a list of favored colleges on (SCOIR)

  • Learn about college

Follow college media and tune-in on Q & A’s

I do not want to stress out about college preparation but I am trying to stay in control

as much as I can. I wish the best to everyone has and will have to go through this



Natalia O.

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