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Monday, October 5, 2020

Making a Classy Resume

 Do you have a resume✍? Does the resume look nice and truly represents you? If not then keep reading.

 You might want to save this blog post for future reference. I have had a resume since I was in 3rd Grade [Backstory: my elementary school had a mock business Society, we're certain grades that to interview, worker jobs, go to the bank, and pay taxes.]  I recommend that all children at the least get an opportunity to understand entrepreneurship. This might sound weird but, I even yearly update my resume to reflect on my accomplishments and prioritize what I wish to see on it for the year ahead~😏what an overachiever! 

This is how it is done: it is best to format it through Google Doc and Canva template. But make a separate list of your skills experiences, what your education has given you, work experience, and social media accounts. Though life is a great enough experience you need to get more specific on what makes you qualified (or what criteria) makes you decide that position? I know you got what it takes but prove it to the masses.

To break down the resume more specifically, of course, put your name and summary about yourself, you can put your contact (even LinkedIn/Instagram) at the beginning or bottom of the resume. In the in-between, you will put your qualification summary, like written and verbal communication, independently motivated, creative problem solver, any skills that will help you specifically in that position. Then write about experiences that are work and education-related, for what things you pick up from them, whether degrees or leadership positions, and the time spent there. For fun, you can put awards or achievements to show that you are not only career orientated but know how to strive for goals,  but you can also simply replace it with passion projects you have been working on for instance my team and I won first place for the Regional Ethics Bowl Competition but for a passion project I have two blogs and a podcast. You want to exert yourself as the most brilliant and confident person in that time of your life for why you deserve the position or promotion. 

I wish you all the best,

Natalia O.

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