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Friday, August 28, 2020

Closet Heavens [You Need To See]


I am constantly revamping my closet, but as much as I change it up And by organizers for it. They will never look as good as the filmed Closet. Once youDd15 closet, you would wish you were there to be surrounded by such luxury.

I tried to model my closets after these ones and I will share tips about closet necessities and a future post.

I have searched for the most inspirational closets:

Scream Queens

Chanel Oberlin’s two-story Closet

Crazy Rich Asians

Peik Lin Goh Closet



Cher Horowitz Closet

 13 Going on 30

Jenna Rink’s Adult Closet

 Charlie's Angels

Istanbul’s Closet

Entertainment Weekly


Hadassah Gold’s Closet

 Barbie's Life in the Dreamhouse

Barbie’s [Ultimate] Closet

 Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf & Serena van der Woodsen

 Princess Diaries 2

Mia Themopolis Walk-in Closet


 Sex in the City

Carrie Bradshaw's Closet

 The Bling Ring

Paris Hilton’s Closet


 The Princess and the Frog

Charlotte’s Wardrobe


 Confessions of a Shopaholic

Rebecca Bloomwood’s Closet

Naukri Nama

 High School

Sharpay’s Dressing Room


 Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Star Butterfly’s Dressing Room

Screenshot by Me


Caytenna’s Employer's Dressing Room

Screenshot by Me

 Lovecraft Country

Letitia’s Guest Room

Screenshot by Me

I hope you have gotten inspiration from these images as much as I have, because if the closet looks good then you know the clothes must be amazing. Stay tuned for more inspiration.


Natalia O.

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