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Monday, August 24, 2020

Hot Girl Summer is Back!


Summer has been a bust this year due to the pandemic and school is starting soon.  when the pandemic and I am definitely heading to the beach and parties, to reclaim all the fun I have missed out on.

This summer was the last summer for me and my friends to be teens, young, and wrap up our high school Bucket List as next summer we would be doing college tours and making some last-minute funds before College.

I can imagine that when this is all over that I would only be wearing swimwear all day, everyday. So, as a mother I suggest that you saved my post to remember these amazing sites:

My recommendations are for any and all types of women. Wearing bathing suits is revealing and everyone has their own preference of what they are looking for; Whether it's a one piece, tankini, burkini, or a bikini. Hot girl summer is always a vibe that you can have all year round. 


Natalia O.

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