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Friday, August 21, 2020

Badass Chicks to Idolize


I have already done other posts on movies and shows about fashion, classics, and private school, how could I leave-out the badass female characters? As a badass chick myself, I must get my persona from somewhere. To be a boss or a badass babe you need to see it to become it. I take after my grandmother with her sass and entrepreneurism and in the media I look-up towards powerful female characters-I mean who wouldn’t want to be the thriving main character?!

I have made a great selection of female personas that can be your next idol that I think are fit. I have not seen a lot of recognition for the accomplished or feminine characters as they are thought of as narrow-minded or provocative. The media can and will influence female characters to be seen as a “bad” type of women, they're not any bad women, just bad words for them. As the media feeds out its perspective of what a woman should be, it's up to you to find your icon and become influential to others. So,   I’ve created a list to do just that.   

I know more characters can pass the badass babe vibe check, but I just named a few. The thing about these characters is that they should be cherished as they are iconic and memorable. I know that you have probably seen as many shows and movies as me, but I want you to think of these next questions: Were there any female characters that stood out to you? Were they presented from a good perspective that positively reflects females everywhere? Did any of the female characters have any relatability to yourself-whether personality, background, or ethnicity? I want to make sure that you are paying attention and giving your attention to good content.  and in our world today there is a lot to be seen but not everything is meant for you. 


Natalia O.

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