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Monday, August 17, 2020

Watchlist for the Private School Princess


I have gone to private school since kindergarten and though I am not as wealthy as the other kids-It doesn't matter because I uphold the status of being a brilliant, respected, and beautiful and of course fashionable which is honestly all you need to obtain to flourish in high society.

Besides the fact that I am a social butterfly and dress-well, some things just can't be taught, but my watchlist is for those tips and lessons are shown on my watchlist, so take note of characters and scenes because they might just help you become or combat a person like that.

Luckily, I am just talking about the high society cycle of private school education and not the private life of high society because that is out of my domain. I would be lying to say that Private School doesn’t absorb your whole life because you are practically signing away your life to potentially become successful in any possible way; Whether it's through marriage, connections, or on your account, but a 100k+ salary is written into your future. As many amazing opportunities you get, you will also be met with challenges, like feuds, enemies, and other situations. 

Though adults just say we're kids we do take our social network to the extremes. At this point, I feel like there should be a movie or show written about me because I have plenty of stories to tell about my experiences in private school. 

 Here I will give you one shed of advice that I constantly remind myself of: “Don't be fooled by the pretty and new things because it's overcompensation for their crummy personalities or issues”. I have made the mistake of being misguided by the lifestyle’s illusions, but real eyes realize real lies, and whoever said that was on to something. Not everyone is like that of course, but you just need to find your place with a great group of friends.

My list of movies and shows should reveal insight, give you a new perspective, or toughen you up for the rigid lifestyle. My selection for you is my personal favorites or has relatable scenes into the lifestyle. And if you were wondering I take on the persona of Blair Waldorf and Fallon Carrington, besides that here are my recommendations for the Private school Princess:

I nailed this list of movies and shows recommendations, they are all insightful even if it's not a private school base, it still has the same premise for status and lifestyle. My all-time favorites are Get Even, Gossip Girl, and Scream Queens. I can not relate to my selection, I just like them for the clothes and drama. I have learned a lot from my watchlist that has helped me in my own life navigate situations. I hope you have fun watching and are inspired by some characters.


Natalia O.

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