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Monday, August 10, 2020

Shows I want to be Cast in


We have all had those shows where you get so involved into the story that it either comes apart of your life or that you have commentary for how you would have handled it. 

Shows mean a lot to my family as we race each other to the last episode, watch premieres together, and talk about it over meals; And that goes for movies, particularly action and thriller-like Marvel Avengers. We even go as far as to share our streaming services together, that's just what we do. 

I have always wished that I would cross paths on a show set because I acted for 10 years and I still think that I got a talent for acting. I will list the shows that I could picture myself or persona in.

These are the shows I wish I was a character in:

Maybe if I play my cards right I can be a supporting character in the show, you never know. I bet there are shows that you wish or imagine yourself in-right?! Well, shoot your shot at acting, you never know.


Natalia O.

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