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Saturday, August 8, 2020

120 Fashion Movies to Live By


I love watching movies for their styling because the clothes of a character Initialize has the character and furthers its development. Seeing the movie scenes inspires Me as a person and influences my old wardrobe, particularly the classic movies. I definitely watch fashion movies as a way of research. 

I even joined my school's Theater Society (TAS)  to be a part of the process of creating characters from hair, makeup, and outfits. 

It's taken me a while to make a list because there are so many movies but only a collection of them are iconic and are to live by. I have kindly made a checklist of my personal and fashion icon’s recommendations, I hope you get inspired by these iconic scenes in cinema. 

There are plenty of fashion movies out there in the world but can they inspire you and teach something...probably not. I Love the list I have created and I will be adding it as I find more films. This list is the longest film list of fashion movies I have seen on the internet which makes me proud, as I chose them with consideration. I can’t wait to watch them all once more.


Natalia O. 

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