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Friday, August 7, 2020

Becoming a Quarantine Queen


It’s been hard for everyone this quarantine but my life would be worse if I didn’t have some routine or a plan to execute during the quarantine. Though I didn’t know how to navigate this situation because this is a precedent in our century, I turned towards history for advice; I was very inspired by the Renaissance, you know the era of enlightenment.

I am very attuned to enlightenment and self-care and now I actually have the time to do what I want and be my best self.

So, here is what I got into this quarantine that is making me wholesome. Of course, this blog and Aesthetic Learner are new in my life and are my pride and joys. I have also picked up other activities to fulfill my days as a Quarantine Queen.

I have gotten into fitness by walking my dog, going to the park, and doing Chloe Ting Challenges, just to keep my body in shape. On the topic of body health, I also have been focusing on nutrition, so I primarily cook at home and shop at Trader Joe's and eat from establishments like Chipotle. I am taking action to cut-out toxins from my life and food, that’s why I don’t eat at fast-food places and don’t shrink soda or soymilk. Though I drink a lot of Starbucks now, I try to rationalize it for every Starbucks drink I get one water, Or I will completely neglect a frappuccino and instead make at home smoothies.

But as I focus on body health I also must take care of my mental health and this quarantine has already shown to be mentally damaging. I could imagine how much of mine and others' emotional intelligence has changed from these past months. I have been working on my brainpower and time management. For brainpower, I am trying to go to bed at a reasonable time, which I have also advised in a previous blog post about getting beauty rest. Brainpower includes obtaining information so I have been constantly learning something new, and I have been interested in fashion, styling, and my black and African heritage.  

Besides working on my blog, eating healthy, and securing my mental health, I've been solidifying hobbies that bring back normalcy. My hobbies now are binge-watching shows, modeling and tailoring clothes, doing my makeup and nails, rearranging my room, doing photo shoots, creating a playlist, and scrolling through Tik Tok. To get opportunities to interact with outside people I have been joining webinars and online courses to meet new people. Though I have no money and I can not go window shopping, I go online shopping to create a massive wishlist's of clothes and things I wish I had; It's actually nice and fun because they inspire me and show me what's trending.

Yes, my quarantine queendom might seem wack but that’s what is giving me life during this pandemic. I hope everyone is finding a routine that works for them.


Natalia O.

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