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Monday, January 18, 2021

Business Minded


Keep your standards high and you heels even higher 😏

Being a business woman is my calling, besides all the other things that I am good at. Even my personal aesthetic is Bad & Boujee, because I can not get enough of success and ownership. Making money is great and is even toxic behavior but the game of capitalism is the only game I am good at. 

I should not be the one telling you what do as my businesses are just getting started and still in planning stages but at least I am executing what I said I was going to do. Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as YouTube and TikTok videos and commercials make it seem; I think of businesses as my own little 'princesses' that I will financially and emotionally invest in, so that one day it will be a reigning 'queen'. That's what business is, in my terms, it is creating your empire with strategies, revolutions, and battles that you must seek to be the victor. (Wow! I was getting a little too into Game of Thrones)

What I really mean is that you need grit to be your guide. Determination, passion, desperateness is great and all but they eventually run there course and your off to another idea. Grit is for long-term envisionments that become a reality through you. Especially if your are a women breaking into any industry or career, it is intrinsic that your consume the identity of whoever you want to be. For instance, I want to be a business tycoon that gets to be on the cover of Forbes magazine. If that is the type of woman I want to become, than I am physically already 'her' I just need to follow in 'her' foot-steps. Trust yourself and note that future you will be ready to carry your burdens and successes, but that only if you make the first step. 

You better leave your impostor syndrome in the game of Among Us, because you deserve all that you obtain. For all the reasons that you are successful is that it started with, YOU! Forget about all your mistakes and misfortunes when you can have it all. 

Do Not feel guilty, Do not comprises your ambitions, Do not have any remorse when getting what you want.

Your imagination has no limits, so why should your actions? Stop listening to the excuses of your underachieved self when the better version of yourself is just beginning.  

Please join my Style Aesthetic movement of following your passions being Boss that you deserve to be.

I want to encourage anyone and everyone to go ahead and be an executioner of ideas and goals. I am attaching my Business Idea Plans Template; I use it to jot-down any business ideas have and there purpose. I want you to try and see what amazing and useful ideas you make.

I  hope that all of your Business Planning comes true 😚.  When you do create your business tag @style_crisis to let me know, so I can support you and your business. I wish you all the best on your business venture.

Boss Babe,
Natalia O.

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