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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Blank Page

I am a perfectionist and I get stuck a lot when things do not go the way I planned, which also makes me lack the skill of being an executioner of task ~But I am working on it!

This year being at home, I have had time to work on myself and one of the challenges I have noticed was when I ran out of lined composition paper that I used to take notes, it was crippling for me to write on blank sheets of paper. Seriously, I struggled to pick up a pen and continue my notes on a blank page, I procrastinated so much that fell behind on my assignments. I started to take short-handed notes on post-it notes, random sheets of paper, and saved a ton of screen-shoots to my desktop. Since we're in a pandemic my state was on lockdown, and so was my state of mind. Finally, when I had no other options I put my pen to paper and took off writing and working on notes and class assignments. Now, I can not remember why I was procrastinating or what my excuses were. 

I have realized how restraining lined paper is to work on because its boarders and fine lines prompt no creativity. Lined paper makes for a terrible work ethic and strategy to think within the lines instead of outside the box. More schools should enforce students to write on blank sheets of paper time to time to push there creativity. The drilled mind-set of only writing and turning in assignments on lined paper was all I knew and when I no longer had the resource, my work ethic and progress shattered; It took the discontinuation of lined paper to free myself to be liberated from the boarder restraints, which made me more adaptable towards my work. Though, I have a difficulty to write on lined paper, I am glad of the progress I have made. I feel liberated to write on blank pieces of paper and see the artistry that I have made on them after I am done; its a good problem to have.

"There's nothing more exciting and daunting than the blank page. ~Booksmart" And, I challenge you to start writing on blank pages and see what amazing things you come up with. If you find issues with knowing where to start for an essay or how to take aesthetically pleasing notes, then checkout my other blog post. 

To ease your way into the new process of blank page creativity can be first writing/drawing on a Google Doc, taking notes on Good Notes/ Notability, or writing on dotted paper: Try new things and see what happens, your inner genius will thank you.

Better Brilliance,

Natalia O.

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